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GEOS Thailand Study Abroad Programs

GEOS has been developing its business focusing on language education for over 40 years in 11 major cities all over the world. We have gathered experiences through language study and boosted our network all over the world. 

We are now offering study abroad arrangements, translation, and interpretation arrangements to support our clients. 

GEOS Taiwan

– Available Courses

1. Group Course

Teaching Method: GEOS introduces the student-centered teaching method rather than the traditional method that focuses on the teacher.

  • Levels All
  • Class Size 6-10

2. Private Course

No matter which level you start from or what your focus is (e.g. IELTS/TOEFL/TOEIC/business conversation etc.), GEOS will provide the most qualified teachers and arrange a curriculum for you. With GEOS, you can get on the right track and accomplish your goal!

  • Schedule Flexible
  • Course Plan Custom

3. Kid’s course

English courses aim to enhance the confidence of the children in understanding the English Language as well as to prepare them for their coming academic years.

  • Schedule Flexible
  • Course Plan Custom

Please contact us for further details.


GEOS International Service arranges visits and interviews with the companies and factories in Thailand. We can coordinate the visit to the industrial estates in Chonburi, Rayong, Amata, and Ayuttaya or commercial buildings in Thailand. We also support the visit from the primary schools to the universities here. 

Please let us know your budget, number of people, purpose, and request. We arrange based on your needs flexibly. You can apply as an individual or a corporate customer.

The fee includes:

The fee doesn’t include:

Please contact us for further details. 

GEOS Taiwan

GEOS Thailand


"The time i spent at Lexis Korea was amazing. I have had a new experience and studied Korean language was really fun. I met many people around the world in the class so i mostly practiced my Korean and English at the same time"
Study in Korea
Lexis School
"GEOS staffs are really friendly and learning English was so much fun, It has a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. You can find GEOS schools in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Malta, and China as well"
USA,UK and Canada
SC GEOS Sprachcaffe
"We studied English for a group class and enjoyed studying together. We had a very interesting activity to do. Taiwan is a great choice to study"
Study in Taiwan
GEOS Taiwan
"I love Japan so much and it was a great experience that I could make friends there. The class was very suitable for me, I was so happy to have Japanese foods almost every day"
Study in Japan
Tokyo and Kyoto

Translation & Interpretation

Geos Thailand International provides many types of support for your professional organization or business:

Language solutions to support communication with your international clients and customers.

Clear and concise Thai – Japanese translation and interpretation solutions are provided by our Japanese and Thai language experts.

Thai – Japanese interpretation for sightseeing tours, wedding ceremonies and receptions, business seminars, international conferences, overseas visits, symposia, factory inspections, exhibitions, and more.

For more details, please inquire here.

Bachelor Program

  • Let’s take advantage of recruitment activity through the Bachelor Program
  • GEOS Asia will advise your Bachelor Program plan depending on your purpose.
  • “Language course+Bachelor Program + Internship program”  ​

The process of achieving goals has various ways. Speaking English is one of them which can not be left behind. Why don’t you study business English while you are working as an intern overseas or study for a Bachelor’s degree.

If you have various qualifications and experiences and dream about studying overseas, we suggest you experience it just for a short time before you make a decision. You can enjoy the new life overseas while you have new experiences! It is highly recommended if you think about developing your carrier. 

Let’s enjoy the unique experience!

This is a program of study abroad + internship experience. 

Countries available for a Bachelor Degree: 

  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada

Countries Available for Working Holiday Program 

  • USA and Canada 
  • Au Pair / Demi Pair Experience
  • Practicum Experience
  • Hospitality and Retail Experience
  • Ranch Stay Experience 

Things you need to prepare:

  • Living expenses
  • Visa fee
  • Return air tickets
  • Overseas insurance


Age: over 18 years old

English language skill about B2 Upper-Intermediate level 

If you want to experience study and working overseas, planning to study abroad on less budget,  please contact us for more information.

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